LOL 78 Bible and Crown Defenders, Derrycarne
No 78 was meeting in Portadown in 19796, with Miles Atkinson as Master, who held the post until 1809, when the Number became dormant for a time. Henry Chamney was given the warrant in 1810, and was Master until 1816, when it again had a quiescent period until 1821, when William Irwin (District Secretary) became Master. He held the position until 1830, when he was succeeded by Thomas Dawson. He was still Master in 1839, but in 1844 William Holland held the office, and the lodge was meeting in Derrycorey. Richard Flanagan was Deputy Master; John Hutton, treasurer; and Abraham Taylor, secretary; Richard Flanagan was Master 1850-2; Richard Johnson, 1853-9; and Thomas Johnson, 1860.

There is another blank of three years, and then from 1863to 1867 Edward Gardiner is Master; John McCann, DM; the secretaries being Ė Robert Reid, W J Herron and Alex Hall. In 1868 John McCann became Master with John Boyce DM, Thomas Wright was Master 1869 to 1871, the DMís being Joseph Boyce, Alex Hall, and James Hyde. Thomas J Taylor and Joseph Wilson were secretaries. In 1872 Joseph Lutton became Master, and held the position until 1877. A Hall, William A McCann, John Taylor and Thomas Jones were DMís and secretaries included William J Wright, William Beresford, W J McCann, and Ben Ford. Thomas Jones was Master in 1878, and Thomas Wright from 1879 until 1882. William J Robb was DM in 1878. Richard Taylor in 1879, John Mullen in 1881, and Richard Taylor in 1882.

In 1883 John Taylor was Master, with John Mullen DM. In 1885 George Hyde was Master. John Wylie was Master 1886 until 1891, the DMís during that period being Thomas Robb, Thomas Flanagan, and Stewart Johnson. John Caddell was Master 1892-96, with Thomas Johnson, Robinson Chambers and William Robb as DMís. William Nicholson was treasurer 1891-3, and Thomas Johnson in 1894.

John Flanagan was secretary from 1884 until 1899 John Wylie was again Master 1900 until 1908, Joseph Sergeant was DM 1899-1900, and George White in 1901. W J Dowd was secretary in these years. In 1909 Thomas Fulton was Master, and William Chambers secretary. William James Dowd became Master in 1912, with Thomas Fulton DM.

Thomas Robb was Master from 1913 until 1920, when he was succeeded by the present Master, Thomas J Robinson. Thomas Fulton had been DM 1913-16; Thomas Robinson, 1917-18; Robert G Robinson, 1919; T J Robinson, 1920; Thomas Robb, 1921-29, W J Dowd, 1930-31; and William James Dowd, 1932 to date (1935). Secretaries have been Ė William Chambers, 1909-18; Samuel McKinney, 1919; T J Taylor, 1920-21; Ralph Herron, 1923-7; W J Muldoon, 1930-31; Thomas Mathers, 1932-5. Robinson Chambers for many years treasurer was succeeded by A Dilworth in 1919. He in turn, was succeeded by Alex Herron in 1929. Thomas Mathers held the office in 1931, and Robert Johnson 1932-5.

The No (number) got liberty in 1890 to assume the title of Bible and Crown Defenders.

The following were the principle officers during 1936 - Thomas Robinson, Derrycorey, William James Dowd, Derryanville; Thomas Mathers, Derrymacfall; Robert Johnson, Derrycarne.

In 1994 two members of the lodge received presentations to mark their 50 years' membership of the lodge. Bro. Samuel Dowd, Worshipful Master of LOL 78 and Bro. Thomas Forbes, his deputy, received 50 year Membership Certificates and inscribed Bibles From the Worshipful District Master Bro. Harold Gracey Both men joined the lodge as teenagers in 1944.

The current banner of LOL 78 depicts, as their name suggests, a Bible and Crown on the front, whilst on the reverse is depicted the Biblical scene 'My Faith looks up to Thee'.

Recently members of the lodge purchased Derrycarne Primary School as new accommodation for the lodge. The members are now embarking on an ambitious renovation programme for the hall.

Worshipful Masters of the lodge since 1981 are as follows:-
1981-91 Noel Jones
1991-92 Carl Cunningham
1992-93 Robert Hyde
1993- Samuel Dowd

Previous to this Robert Maginn occupied the chair for eight years, whilst before him George Robinson was Worshipful Master of the lodge for twenty years.

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