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Orange hall destroyed in the Coastal town of Carnlough

A fire gutted an Orange hall in the coastal town of Carnlough today in a sectarian arson attack. Fifteen firemen in three engines battled for two hours to control the blaze which broke out at about 4am. The roof and back of the building was completely destroyed in what the fire brigade described as an "extensive" fire.

Station Officer Steven Stewart was at the scene. He said: "The fire was very bad and caused a lot of damage."Local councillor William Cunning who lives in the village condemned the fire. "They are a small lodge in Carnlough who don't do anyone any harm. The hall was built in 1932 and survived through all of the troubles untouched until now," he said. "The people who did this do not speak for the people of Carnlough but are just one or two thugs. It does nothing for the village or the coastline."Mayor of Larne Borough Council - which includes Carnlough - David Fleck said: "I deplore all acts of violence. It does nothing for this area. "Things have been reasonably quiet until fairly recently and we don't want to see things get worse.

"Former mayor Joan Drummond said she was "saddened" by the fire. "I'm sure the people of Carnlough will be saddened as well," she added. "There has always been good community relations in the village. I saw in the paper earlier this week that there has been a bit of rumbling with sectarian graffiti, but the people have always got on so well that it is terrible to see this happen.

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