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Orange Order urges Mary McAleese to condemn Protestant Attacks

The Orange Order is urging Irish President Mary McAleese to publicly condemn attacks against Protestants in the Republic during her visit to Northern Ireland yesterday.

The call follows two weekend attacks on Protestant Halls near Glaslough and Tydavent in County Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Vandals are thought to have used a sledge hammer to break down the door of the Mullrpike Protestant Hall and once inside smashed windows, wrecked furniture and a fireplace and even punched holes in the building's plastic dry-lining.

In the second attack, at nearby Corragh Orange Hall, windows were also smashed and the front door damaged.

An Orange Order spokesman said. "This is not the first time these two halls have been vandalised and, sadly, we suspect it won't be the last time that Irish Protestants are subjected to sectarian attacks."

"If Mary McAleese cares at all about helping to bring peace to this island, we call on her not only to condemn the attacks on the minority community in County Mongahan, but also to use her influence to persuade nationalists in Northern Ireland to embrace Protestant Culture traditions like Saturdays proposed Whiterock parade. News Letter 8th September 2005

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